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25th - 27th November, 2016

Vapeslam is the largest combined Vaping Industry Festival & Conference, celebrating the diversity and resilience of this buoyant and exciting market.The 3 day event offers brands a global platform for business with direct access to consumers in the Capital of UK vaping, Manchester.

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What we’re about Vape / Shisha / Music

VapeSlam brings you together with all of the major retail buyers, distributers & wholesales in the UK and from throughout Europe.


A 2 day festival of vape where brands are encouraged to sell direct to the consumer, promote their products and let their hair down at the biggest vape party ever seen!


With global names in music and entertainment, Vapeslam promises to be the biggest combined business and social event on the industry calendar.


Cloud competitions, Tricksters & much more, VapeSlam gives consumers and buyers direct access to brands from all over the world including China, Malaysia, United States & Europe.


A first for the UK, VapeSlam plans to feature a dedicated Shisha area for brands to promote themselves to the consumer in a chilled out setting.


Its purely business on day 1 as IVIC 2016 takes centre stage, allowing everyone to engage with regulatory bodies, gain industry insights and showcase new product developments.

Over the course of weekend, we anticipate:

EventCity. Manchester. Uk.




Performance Arenas


B2B Delegates



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Beardyman Dream Team
Danny Macaskill Drop & Roll
VGOD VapeTricks


An intense one-day event, scheduled for Friday 25rd November (the day before the doors open on the VapeSlam event) The International Vape Industry Conference gives prominent brands from all over the world the opportunity to participate in open forum discussion, sharing knowledge and views on topics such as:

  • TPD Compliance
  • Brexit & Vaping
  • Leading Consumer Safety
  • Showcasing New Product Developments


The IVIC will also feature a permanent networking area, where brands, distributors and retailers can book meetings to discuss potential deals, expand their business network and build a solid foundation for their empires throughout the weekend.

If you’re a retailer, there’ll be brands and distributors galore.

If you’re a distributor, there are plenty of international suppliers looking for in-country partners.

If you’re a brand... it’s all here for you!

Conference Schedule

In addition, IVIC will also feature keynote speeches from a host of industry leading lights:

what’s new?

VapeSlam Announcement – Rescheduling to 2017

Last month we raised a concern that some parts of the TPD, having both a direct and indirect effect on the VapeSlam event, required further clarification. As a result, we felt it necessary to consult our legal partners as to the precise position of the show in relation to the following areas:

  • The way that we are able to market the event to the visiting audience,
  • The way stock may be presented and sampled, and
  • The presentation of non-compliant stock by exhibiting partners

We have always intended the VapeSlam event to be the central point of contact between category managers with the biggest retail channels, as well as creating an opportunity for the governing bodies, HMRA & UK Trading Standards, to engage directly with the responsible manufacturers that are invested in ensuring the industry is safe as possible for the consumer for the long-term.

As the proposed dates of 25th – 27th November, fall at a time when manufacturers must be compliant, but the retail channels have a further 6 months to rid themselves of non-compliant stock, we felt this created an area of ambiguity regarding some of the aforementioned points.

In addition, given the failure of this year’s big industry events to attract the kind of crowds they have become accustomed to in the past, we felt that the current window of ambiguity did not create the right environment to hold the VapeSlam event, if we are to achieve our collective ambitions.

Therefore, following a prolonged legal assessment, the VapeSlam Team have taken the decision to reschedule the event until after the TPD extension comes into full effect on May 20th, 2017.

The reasoning behind this decision is to enable those brands that are still seeking to gain compliance time to do so, whilst also creating the right environment for our retail purchasing contacts to properly engage with brand owners.

The management team are committed to hosting an event that only displays compliant stock, and feel rescheduling VapeSlam is the correct and most responsible course of action to take, avoiding any risk of a below-par show for our exhibiting brands and ensuring the show itself, achieves full-compliance with the governing legislation.

Please accept our sincere apologies if you have been awaiting information from the team in recent weeks, and it has not been forthcoming. We wanted to ensure that we had a solid legal understanding before making any decision or announcement. We provide our fullest guarantees that all brands intending to exhibit at VapeSlam, and have secured space by paying a deposit, will receive a full-refund should the new dates not be convenient for them.

At present, the team are currently in negotiation with our venue partner to confirm a new dates for the show and intend to make a public announcement to confirm that in the coming days.

In the meantime, should you have any questions regarding the event, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Peter Hesketh
VapeSlam Event Manager

The International Vape Industry Awards 2016

Event Date: 26th & 27th November, 2016

It is announced that The International Vape Industry Awards, 2016, are to be held at VapeSlam, Manchester, this November.

VapeSlam, a combined industry conference & consumer expo featuring over hundreds of brands from the US, china, Malaysia & Europe, will play host to The International Vape Industry Awards, on the final day of the 3 day event at EventCity, Manchester. Voting shall take place throughout the weekend of 26th & 27th November, with awards being handed out at a ceremony in front of a live audience on the Sunday evening.

The ceremony shall feature live entertainment from UK beatbox champion, Beardyman, and give prestigious awards for winners of the following categories:

• Best Starter-Kit
• Best MOD
• Best Tank

• Best Fruit liquid
• Best Menthol liquid
• Best Tobacco liquid
• Best Dessert liquid

• Best Stand
• Best Branding
• Best Packaging

Comment: Peter Hesketh, Event Director
“Our intention is to ensure the International Vape Industry Awards are a true and impartial reflection of consumer opinion. In order to make sure this is a truly democratic process, votes will be collated automatically via a dedicated smartphone app issued only to visiting members of the public ahead of the grand award ceremony.”

For more information, please visit www.vapeslam.co.uk or keep up with announcements via our social channels:

Facebook: facebook.com/vapeslamuk
Twitter: @vapeslamuk

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